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In 2015 we honored the following FoodBridge programs that bridge our community. The recipients included Angels of Addiction (street outreach) & 300 Youth COR (leadership and violence prevention program). Join us as we celebrate this year’s wonderful programs that also make our communities stronger.


AngelsofAddiction-Logo-08ANGELS OF ADDICTION
Angels of Addiction ]

Angels of Addiction provides street outreach in the dark alleys of West Baltimore City. We are there late at night to feed and comfort those that suffer from addiction, human traffickingand homelessness. Giving compassionand loving them where they are. MISSION To provide resources, hospital visitations, food, clothes, and other personal needs to victims, addicts & homeless onthe streets, motels and “abandiminiums” (vacant houses). Meeting the needs out of a trunk of a car. Building relationships so we can give them the hands upthey need when they are ready for recovery.

youthcor-logo300 YOUTH COR
300 Youth COR  ]

The 300 Youth COR is a youth leadership and violence prevention program for Baltimore City adolescents ages 15 – 19. The purpose of the program is to equip youth with the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to minimize their risk for involvement in violence and provide peer-to-peer de-escalation intervention during potentially violent situations. The program teaches youth to take responsibility for themselves and for the safety of their communities utilizing a self designed COR leadership and violence prevention curriculum that builds on three pillars: commitment, organization and responsibility.  The context of the program is delivered to address the growing rates of youth violence in high crime neighborhoods throughout Baltimore City.



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