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While U Empower of MD was trying to feed a family whose local food pantry was closed for a month Waypoint, a premier national Foodservice agency, stepped in to help with the immediate need. They expressed their own frustration of food warehouses needing a timely food rescue solution to keep quality food from going into the trash before it ever hits a table. Many times it needs to move before the Food Bank can pickup. All this while local non profits are in need of food to feed the community.

With the help of Waypoint opening their warehouse for testing U Empower of MD was able to develop FoodBridge’s online food rescue solution. The system sends instant email and text notifications to local non-profits letting them know that food is available for pickup. This food is free. The only obligation is the non-profit must pickup the food. This logistical system bridges both the donor and the non-profit and in return empowers our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FoodBridge?

FoodBridge is a 501c3 non-profit , online, food rescue system. By design, we recover wholesome food that is currently being disposed of or otherwise randomly donated.

Why use this system?

1) To better track and manage your supply. FoodBridge system provides reporting to keep us informed of how much product is actually going unused, enabling you to better manage product inventory overages.

2) To ensure leftovers do not go to waste. FoodBridge links with local non-profit agencies that rely on donations to support those in need, in and around our communities and instantly informs them of product availability.

3) To address concerns with where left over products are going and to eliminate potential liability.
FoodBridge inspects all non-profit partners to ensure they are legitimate community resources that do not misappropriate donated goods and exercise proper food safety guidelines. Food donations are covered under federal law to eliminate liability; additionally all FoodBridge non-profit partners sign waivers acknowledging their understanding and agreement.

4) We are now an EPA Food Recovery Challenge participant.
This means our donors and non-profits are also participants. As a participant we all benefit by:

-Reduce your environmental footprint.

-Help your community by donating nutritious, leftover food to feed hungry people, not landfills.

-Save money by purchasing less and lowering waste disposal fees.

-Establishing donation programs may result in potential tax benefits.

-Gain visibility by having your name listed on the EPA’s website.

-Receive recognition through awards and social media.

-Get free technical assistance in the form of webinars, an online database, and resources to help you plan, implement and track your activities.


-Get a free climate change report to highlight your positive effect on the environment. 

What protection is there against liability?

Federal Law: Good Samaritan Food Donation Act; Federal Food Donation Act of 2008 FoodBridge: Waiver for Donors signed by all partners

Who are these non-profit groups?

Currently, FoodBridge is affiliated with several non-profit missions, shelters, safe houses, and relief groups throughout the Maryland area, including:

Helping Up Mission
(Personal Improvement for the Poor & Homeless)

Baltimore Rescue Mission
(Homeless Shelter)

The Franciscan Center
(Emergency Assistance to the Poor & Homeless)

Arundel House of Hope
(Emergency Assistance to the Poor & Homeless)

Weinberg Housing & Resource Center
(Community Service)

Ferndale United Methodist Church / Angels of Addiction
(Soup Kitchen, Rotating Shelter & Street Outreach)

Safe House of Hope
(Human Trafficking Safe House)

Mana Food Center
(Food Pantry)

The Rag Picker / Port Recovery
(Recovery Houses)

Baltimore Gift Economy
(Community Growth & Urban Gardening)

Food Link
(Hunger Relief/Safety Network for the Poor)

(Serving Disabled and Homeless Veteran Community)

The Samaritan Women
(Human Trafficking Safe House)

The Joseph House
(Servicing the Poor and Homeless)

Who are the donors?

Current donors include Food Service Industry brokers, distributors and independent operators. The program is expanding to include manufacturers, processors, retailers, and local chain accounts.

What is the benefit?

FoodBridge is working to address two major issues that the foodservice community can assist with: Waste and Hunger. FoodBridge helps foodservice businesses track, manage and reduce their waste while supplying wholesome left over food to those in need; Feeding families, not landfills.

By participating, you will run a more efficient operation while helping those in need.

How Can I get Involved?

You can signup to donate food or if you are a Restaurant that does not have food to donate, you can still participate by raising money for Food Bridge. We have a Round Up program that allows your customers to decide if they would like to round up their change to the nearest dollar to donate towards ending hunger in Maryland. Download the [ Round Up Insert ] You can also [ Contact Us ] if you would like to volunteer.